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Black sesame cream puffs recipe, The Desserts of New York. Photo: Alicia Taylor.

Black sesame cream puffs recipe, The Desserts of New York. Photo: Alicia Taylor.



Don't have my books? Here's a small selection of the many delicious recipes you'll find in 7000 Islands and The Desserts of New York to get you started. 


Pork barbecue

Pork barbecue is a true national favourite in the Philippines. It crosses economic boundaries – it’s cheap but classy ­– and appears in a variety of settings as street food, party food, served as a beer snack or a main meal with rice...


Ube makapuno cake (purple yam and sweet coconut cake)

Children typically take to colourful food, but I stuck my nose up at ube (purple yam) for the longest time. It must have been the vegetable thing. I lost years, as my current favourites of ube ice cream, ube haleya (jam) and ube puto were relegated to the wayside...


Pancit palabok (rice noodles with pork, seafood and annatto sauce)

You can spot pancit palabok from a distance. Pink prawns and bright yellow eggs sit on a big bed of thick noodles orange-tinted from annatto (achuete) and green-flecked with fresh herbs. It is usually piled into an oversized platter known as...


Burnt butter chocolate chip cookies

If there’s one cookie that gets New York’s heart racing, it’s the chocolate chip. You could say that about a lot of places, but the sheer number of iterations here, the cult followings they attract, and the outrageous quantities...


Cucumber + mint popsicles

Popsicles, ice pops, ice blocks or ice lollies – whatever you call them, they’re up there as a favourite in New York’s sweet frozen arsenal to beat the summer heat. Carts and stands take up seasonal residence in every big park...