Yasmin Newman

The Desserts of New York

Red Hook, NYC.

Red Hook, NYC.

The Desserts of New York
(And How to Eat Them All)


"The quiet disregard for rules, an equal respect for tradition and the freedom to experiment. I came to taste all these qualities in New York's desserts, and it's a downright delicious mix." ~ The Desserts of New York

Ever dreamed of eating your way through New York City? In this tempting recipe-slash-travel journal and guide, join me for a journey to the bright lights of NYC as I track down some of the world’s most sought-after desserts – and savour them all.

The Desserts of New York cookbook cover
Butter & Scotch's Birthday Cake | The Desserts of New York cookbook

Follow along on the food adventure with my young family in tow as I explore NYC’s vibrant neighbourhoods, where a plethora of colourful characters and quintessential New York moments add flavour to the incredible experience. I jot down notes, steal photographs and create a hit list of the best addresses. Then, back in my East Village apartment, I dream up recipes inspired by my favourite New York sweets (I even score recipes from iconic New York dessert venues).

It's Eat Pray Love meets NYC, and it’s one delicious, cool ride.

The Desserts of New York (And How to Eat Them All) is my second book, also published by Hardie Grant. Available now in all good bookstores in AustraliaUK and USA, and worldwide here and here

Coming summer 2018, The Desserts of New York German-language edition, published by Graefe und Unzer.



"Here is a rare book, part kitchen companion, part tour guide, that is exhaustively researched, thoroughly vetted and painstakingly tested to distill the very best of a New York experience. The evocative pictures and conversational tone make you feel like you're walking the streets of this great city alongside Yasmin. If you're a tourist, you will love the carefully detailed options. As a local, you will appreciate the slice-of-life spirit captured within these pages. As someone who loves sweets, I know I will cherish this book."

– Miro Uskokovic, Gramercy Tavern + Untitled Restaurants (NYC)


"Truly a sweet journey through New York City. Yasmin has created a deliriously delicious survey of the diverse dessert scene that reflects this city’s culinary landscape – with the bonus of recipes included! Anyone with a sweet tooth must add The Desserts of New York to their library."   

– Emily + Melissa Elsen, Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie shop (NYC)

"Yasmin goes on the ultimate tour, lined with the best desserts the city has to offer. The Desserts of New York puts you right along side her, step by delicious step!"

– Matt Lewis + Renato Poliafito, Baked Bakery (NYC)


"New York can be a big, overwhelming place to visit, but Yasmin's sweet perspective, gorgeous photos, and delicious recipes provide a great map for any local or visitor who wants to punctuate their wanderings with the best desserts in town. We are incredibly honored to see our bar and bakery alongside culinary icons, and can't wait to try our hands at some of our peers' most exceptional recipes!"

– Allison Kave & Keavy Landreth, Butter & Scotch bakery (NYC)


Sneak a peek at some of the epic sweets and cool city scenes you'll see in The Desserts of New York – just click the images.


My hot tip? Create a customised Google Map and plot all the dessert venues you wanna hit up – it’s directions, notebook and nearby dessert locator in one, and accessible at all times via your phone. It was, hands-down, my most valued tool.

Here, use mine to get started, and take notes from The Desserts Of New York on what you want to try at each venue!